Why is the cartridge of the printer more expensive than the printer?

Friends who regularly use the printer may feel the same way, inkjet printers cost more per milliliter of ink than a milliliter of red wine or even perfume. Sometimes you may even find that you spend far more per year on cartridges than you do on printers.

So the question is, why are printer consumables so expensive?


Buy a blade and get the shaver

Everyone in the printer industry knows the classic “buy a blade and get a razor” model. This profit model is the same as a razor. The merchant sells you the turret at a lower price, and then you can continue to buy the blades in the future. To make profits. The printer industry is no exaggeration to say, why not give you a printer if you buy more ink cartridges? The main reason is that the profit of ink cartridges is relatively high, which is why the machine is cheap but the consumables are expensive.

<Toner > cartridges are the golden eggs that make money

Inkjet printers are generally sold very cheaply, because the original manufacturer will sell the printer to you at a cost price. In fact, manufacturers do not make money by selling printers. Most of their profits come from the ink cartridges you buy later. Compared with increasing the price of printers to get more profits, manufacturers are more willing to lower the price of the machine to increase market share, and then make back their profits from the ink and other consumables you purchase later.

cartridge_world_CW printer and cartridge

Selecting the “Environmental Ink Cartridge” is more computational

Many printer manufacturers will try to prevent you from using third-party ink cartridges in various ways. For example, they will add chips to their official ink cartridges. In this case, if you use third-party ink cartridges or add ink to the ink cartridges, the printer will show rejection of your print job.

If you want to maintain a high-quality printing experience while maintaining a reasonable cost, using eco-friendly cartridge is believed to be one of the good choices, especially that recycling inkjet consumables that are good brand name and pay attention to cost-effectiveness. Of course, laser printers can be used and save you a lot of printing costs.

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