Who is the most expensive perfume, red wine and original print ink?

Ever thought about perfumes, red wines, and original printed inks? That liquid is the most expensive!

Different people believe that there are different answers, if you measure one milliliter as a unit, on the absolute value, the answer will surprise you.

Chanel no 5

Brand-name perfumes and red wines

The perfume takes the brand name CHANEL no. 5 50 ml as an example, with a retail price of HKD 930.00 in Hong Kong.

The average one milliliter value is HKD 18.60

The 92-year-old Lafite, retails in Hong Kong at about HKD7,200.00 and has a capacity of 750ml

The average ml value is HKD9.60

Original ink price

The original HP 65XL 5.5 ml capacity, the Hong Kong retail price is HKD 227.00

The average price per milliliter is HKD41.27

Are you surprised? The original ink used for printing is twice as expensive as designer perfumes and four times as expensive as aged wines.

So what’s that?

This will start from the structure of the cartridge, the ink cartridge can now be divided into one and parting

CW inkdroplet
CW inkdroplet

Cartridge design

All-in-one cartridge

One-in-one cartridge is to combine the ink set on the cartridge, when the ink used up to replace a new ink cartridge, it means that a new print head is replaced at the same time, the use of this cartridge can achieve a relatively high print accuracy, but the design structure of this cartridge increases costs, and the replacement rate of this cartridge is relatively high.


Split cartridge

A split cartridge is a design that separates the nozzle from the cartridge design. This structural design is mainly to reduce printing costs, printing nozzles set on the printer and cartridge separate, so that the overall cost of the cartridge reduced, but this design also has shortcomings, long-term use, nozzles easy to clog, if not cleaned up in time, easy to make the nozzle damage ordered can not be used, users can only choose to update the printer or pay a high price repair.

Cartridge chip

In fact, regardless of the integrated and split ink cartridges have chips, ink cartridges on the chip record the ink capacity in the cartridge, in the control program can detect ink capacity and identify other filling ink, is such a configuration, cartridge costs will be doubled, if it is one The built-in ink cartridge nozzles will cost further, so you can see why HP 60, HP 61, HP 63, HP 65, HP 67 and other series are so expensive because they are all all all one-size-fits-all cartridges, on the other hand, Original manufacturers of research and development, publicity and other costs are added to the cost of ink cartridges, the above costs are passed on to users, these factors lead to ink prices far higher than brand-name perfumes and aged wine.

Of course, if you want to save money on inkjet printing at the same time with quality, you can consider using some brand and reputation of the ink supplier, so that will meet the requirements of everyone.

chips injket

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