Which is better, inkjet or laser printer?

There are two main types of printers on the market today, one is inkjet and the other is laser. Which one is suitable for everyone? Today we will introduce to you the characteristics and shortcomings of these two types of printers, so that you can see which type of printer is more suitable for everyone’s needs.

Laser Printer

Laser printer features

The printing speed is fast, the printing volume is large, ordinary paper can print detailed manuscripts, and the applicable paper types are also more diverse. The laser multifunction printer is suitable for enterprises to print documents.

Disadvantages of laser printers

Laser printers print toner on paper by heating and fixing, so the equipment consumes more power.

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Inkjet printer features

The resolution of inkjet output equipment is better than that of laser output equipment. It can print high-resolution images. However, the higher the resolution requirement, the more professional paper, such as inkjet paper and photo paper, is needed for smooth printing and results. No burrs appear.

Disadvantages of inkjet printers

If ordinary paper is used for printing, the inkjet printer nozzles will be blocked because the paper cannot absorb the dense carbon water. In addition, if the inkjet printer equipment is not used for a long time, not only the ink cartridges will dry out, but the nozzles will also be clogged. Not available.
On the other hand, it should be noted that inkjet printers generally print at a slower speed.

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If you are home use, printing volume is not large, there is no requirement for printing speed, but need to print higher quality home photos, you may consider using inkjet printer, if you are a company user, printing speed, printing volume, efficiency as the main consideration, laser printer will be your first choice. Finally, whether inkjet or laser printers, the purchase of branded and quality-assured eco-friendly cartridges is guaranteed if you want a higher quality printing experience.

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