What do you mean eco-friendly toner cartridges?

“Recycling toner cartridges” are often called “remanufactured cartridges”. They all use the original toner cartridges. When the toner is used up for the first time, the empty cartridges are recycled and the internal and external parts are removed. Combine after solution, cleaning, inspection and testing.

After the first round of use, in addition to the toner has been used up, some components such as organic photosensitive drum (OPC), main cloth electric roller (PCR), wiper blade (Wiper Blade), magnetic rod (Magnet Roller), etc., There will be different degrees of wear and tear, and it must be checked for updates before they can be combined into a toner cartridge that is close to the original quality.


Control the chip

In recent years, the original factory has even designed a control chip (Chip) to control the printing quality, read the printer information and record the usage of the printer, making the technical threshold for toner cartridge remanufacturing even higher.
Therefore, the selection and matching of parts and the assembly technology are the keys to the quality of the recycling toner cartridge.

The price difference of recycling toner cartridges

The price difference of recycling toner cartridges in the market is quite large, mainly due to the quality of the components and the differences in the production process. If users have certain requirements for print quality and do not want to pay the price of the original product, consider using an environmentally friendly toner cartridge supplier with a brand and a long history of operation.

Importance of Pricing and Profitability

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