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Paul Callow – Chief Franchisee and CEO – UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal

I invested into the Cartridge World brand in 2016 with my business partners because we could see a genuine opportunity to use the power of a global brand to generate a large and profitable business in a massive, stable market segment.

In our regions, with the support of the Executive Team, we have worked together to create an optimal channel sales and marketing strategy which is leading to fast growth in online, trade and direct B2B sales whilst supporting the traditional network of franchisees.

The market is competitive, and things are never as easy as we would like but by working together, and with the support of the global brand owners we are making great progress and everybody is winning.”

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Chris Kaloyeros, CEO of Greek Inkbox World

I have been a Master for Cartridge World for over 14 years and have seen many changes in the company’s system mainly to adapt to the changes in the business world. The model is mainly focused on its major advantage which is local expertise. The local people element with the technical knowledge of the teams involved from the training provided to them alongside with the premium quality of the finished product supplied by Cartridge World and the number of business programs to execute makes the model unbeatable. The name of the game is printer ownership on the market and the Cartridge World model is better value for money than anyone else’s on the market even the one offered by the OEMs.

Diaa Albuzz – Middle East Business Development Manager

Cartridge World provides good market opportunity because they have the “know how” about the complicated business. In addition, the well recognised global brand is the added value for us to penetrate into some big corporate and government customers.

Mr. DDeloke Charas Virojna – Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Franchisee

Cartridge World enables us to have the right business philosophy, our valued customers, so that their business remains green, so that profits remain stable. Allowing us to create more value for our customers

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