Membership Program Terms and Conditions

Customers must accept the membership terms and conditions before becoming a member.

2. Annual cumulative consumption includes customer spending at Cartridge World and is calculated from 1 January to 31 December each year.

New product previews and pre-sales, limited product orders will be held from time to time, please refer to the member newsletter for details.

4. Basically will be permanently valid

5. Cartridge World reserves all final decisions in the event of any dispute

Product Points Reward Program Terms and Conditions

Customers who patronize any product automatically become members. Members can earn 1 product point (including original products) for each net product consumption of HK$1. The accumulated designated points can be used as cash to purchase CW replacement ink cartridges and toners. Original products are not applicable.

2. Points valid for existing members are valid for one year from the date of acquisition. Overdue points will automatically expire.

Points cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.

The points can only be used by the member. If there is any doubt about the member’s identity, we have the right to require the member to show his identity certificate to verify his identity.

5. The number of gifts exchanged for product points is limited, and the exchange ends immediately. And the products that change collars are not set to return.

If a member requests a product refund, the relevant product points will be deducted from the member’s account. The redeemed product must be returned together with the refunded product.

7. Cartridge World will replace the original product without notice if the original product is replaced.

8. Members can redeem 100 product points for HK$1 equivalent for any CW toner/cartridge genuine price products (not including discounted sets and limited products) and original toner/cartridges.

9. The products for exchange are for the member’s own use only and cannot be transferred.

10. The Points Rewards Program is only available for Cartridge World Hong Kong and not for use in other countries.

11. Cartridge World reserves all final decisions in the event of any dispute