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While printed pages will always be in demand, many people do not realize the impact printers and cartridges have on the environment. There are millions of tons of waste generated each year by the imprinting of ink and toner on paper and the dumping of used printers and cartridges. This waste and costs can be considerably reduced if we firstly choose the right printer and then only use cartridges that meet the test of quality of printing, are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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For Every Business and Every Budget

Today, there are hundreds of printers with different brands and models, different specification and different prices available in the market.

However, do you know which printer and cartridge combination will best meet your printing needs?

And do you know exactly what your printing and cartridge requirements are?

These are difficult questions to answer for many, yet the decisions that printer and cartridge buyers make today will dictate the cost and environmental impact in their homes and businesses for many years to come.

At Cartridge World, we strive to help every individual and corporate customer understand their unique printing requirements and the cost savings and reduced environmental footprint they can achieve.

With our business solutions we can help business to:

  1. Control and reduce their printing costs

  2. Improve productivity through providing efficient printing solutions

  3. Reduce environmental waste

  4. Improve network security

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Our Business Solutions include:

Our franchisees can provide you with impartial advice and recommend the right printers to suit your business needs, regardless of the make and model of the printer. We can offer solutions from a wide range of printers, MFPs and copiers.

Why we have to buy <打印機>?

Our exclusive approach eliminates traditional hardware and maintenance costs by providing offices with business class printers.

Plus, our premium quality toner cartridges match original cartridge (OEM) performance and will also help businesses save up to 30% versus the OEM printer cartridges and big box store toner prices.

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Market Opportunity

With our business solutions we can help business to:

39% of businesses processes require hardcopy documents
90% of businesses don’t track print related costs
Most business spend 30% more than they need to on print
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